University of North America


The University of North America (UoNA) is an accredited institution that provides students with an outstanding and integrated education that links the latest in academic theory with the latest in real-world applications. The core values of the University of North America are academic quality, educational access, and student success. Currently, UoNA’s degree programs focus on computer science, information technology, and business disciplines and support the development of a broad understanding of the cultures in which these disciplines function. The focus of the University is applied learning. UoNA intentionally brings highly qualified faculty members that have solid academic credentials along with active careers in high tech industries, business, and government to create a stimulating learning environment. Coursework is designed to provide students the opportunity to explore and develop course-related competencies relevant to their work environment through applied learning assignments in each course of the curriculum. The University emphasizes high quality education that is accessible to adult learners in the global community, regardless of background, to enable them to succeed in their careers. This goal is achieved as the University provides an advanced education that cultivates growth and development in the professional and personal lives of our students. With its teaching focused on the principles of applied learning, UoNA bridges the gap between the theoretical learning of traditional disciplines and the applied knowledge required to provide graduates with a comprehensive understanding and a competitive advantage in today’s global society.
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